On Monday, about a week after the collapse of Signature Bank, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) announced that Flagstar Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of New York Community Bancorp, acquired 40 former branches of Signature and its assets. Flagstar assumed nearly all of Signature’s deposits, except for $4 billionContinue Reading


With the crypto economy experiencing significant gains over the past week and the price of ethereum rising 11.9%, the market capitalization of Lido’s staked ether has increased to $10.3 billion. This recent increase has propelled the token’s overall market valuation to the ninth-largest position, according to the crypto market capitalizationContinue Reading


After UBS acquired Credit Suisse and close to a dozen financial institutions injected $30 billion into First Republic Bank four days ago, S&P Global downgraded First Republic’s shares to junk status on Sunday. Investors are concerned that the cash infusion from 11 major financial institutions may not address the bank’sContinue Reading


Bitcoin was trading above $28,000 on Monday, as cryptocurrencies extended a bull run to start the week. This upwards sentiment comes as the Federal Reserve and other major central banks made coordinated moves to enhance market liquidity. Ethereum continues to trade close to $1,800. Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) started the weekContinue Reading


Blockchain technology can help solve current issues with settlements, according to the deputy chief executive of Sberbank. Russia’s largest bank is working with other financial institutions to develop blockchain-based payment applications, the banker revealed. Sberbank Sees Solution to Russia’s Troubles With Settlements in Blockchain With major Russian banks disconnected fromContinue Reading


PRESS RELEASE. WATERPORT PLACE, GIB., March 20th, 2023 – Digital Asset Management Limited and the Damex group (“Damex” or “Damex.io”)), a Distributed Ledger Technology provider based in Gibraltar, recently announced its utility token IEO, the Damex Token ($DAMEX), which can be used within the Damex App along with other non-fungibleContinue Reading